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Dried lavender flowers of species Munstead and Hidcote, collected at the beginning of blossom.  Lavender is cultivated in Kakheti region, Georgia without any fertilizers and herbicides. Flowers were collected, bounded in bouquets and dried in a dark ventilated place for 10-14 days. As a result of manual processing, only the inflorescence of lavender were extracted, carefully sifted and packaged in a hermetic container. 

It is used in cooking in the preparation of confectionery, drinks (lemonades, cocktails, coffee, tea), as well as in the manufacture of soaps, scrubs, bath products.

Culinary Lavender

10,00GEL Regular Price
9,00GELSale Price
  • Produced: 2023 June.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

    Size of container: 14 х 8 х 3,5 cm

    Store in a dry dark place.

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